rq light t-2001

Werkentwurf, 2003

rq light has a metal pillar that is powder-coated just like the base plate. The table top comes in a choice of solid wood, synthetic resin, linoleum, or veneer.

rq light is the exclusive version of a pub table, just as it was offered as modular furniture in the 1932 catalogue. Used as a dining table, its pillar shape makes it easy to sit down, and hotels and restaurants can create long rows of tables without any hassle. As a 90cm or 100cm high table, it impresses with its classy appearance. In both cases its solid construction excels.
rq light has a metal column which, like the base plate, is powder-coated.
The table top is made of 3 cm thick solid wood with burr strips and straight edges. Veneered table tops can be supplied on request.

Table with metal pillar, pillar and base plate powder-coated, table top in solid wood, synthetic resin, linoleum or veneered (variant: Table height 90 or 110cm)
Table height 74cm

Natural beech HG 520
Natural ash HG 570
Natural oak HG 530
Black beech HG 203
Anthracite beech HG 200
Black ash / oak HG 580
Ebony beech HG 100
Wenge beech HG 110
Mahagony beech HG 130
Maron beech HG 120
Nut beech HG 151
Whitewashed beech HG 172
Desired colour on reques